A Xolution for diversity


A gender equality Xolution contributing to UN’s SDG #5.
It will take 108 years to close the gender gap, according to the Global Gender Gap Index. So we need need to act now to secure that future leadership is as diverse as the world we are leading.

How: For our 1st quest we invite key male leaders to nominate three female leaders to build a list of top talent from Denmark to the rest of the world. The nominees will pay it forward by nominating three other female leaders, to create an exponential movement.

Female role models are important in our businesses. They help motivate young women and teach them about the opportunities in the IT industry. One thing is certain, there are hardly many other career paths that provide such good conditions for making a difference to their own career and to society. - André Rogaczewski

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We offer a list of talent that can act as inspiration, advisors or candidates. Join the Xolution towards UN’s SDG #5.