Xolution brought to you from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Founded by Trine Tirsgaard & Natasha Friis Saxberg on a cold winter day in 2019, where too much talk and too few solutions around the gender gap in management turned into this simple idea. Let us make sure corporations and boards no longer have a barrier with finding qualified diverse leaders. This is just one solution towards solving UN’s SDG #5 - gender equality.

We wanted to create a pragmatic Xolution to solve diversity in top management positions and boards, where we too often hear the excuse - we cannot find them, whether it is women, people with digital skills or international experience. Our focus is on diversity within competences, demography and gender as part of the UN's SDG 5 goals on gender equality. We focus on removing the barriers that stand in the way of solving the challenges so that we can use our resources on creating Xolutions. Our pool of talent can share their experience and knowledge for inspiration, as advisors or candidates for top management and boards.

First challenge - more female leaders
The first challenge we want to solve is to get talented women in top management and boards. We will ask men as women to be a part of the movement, and nominate talents in their network for the list. The nominated women will contribute with state of the art skills and experience. Experience that can make up for the homogeneous image we are experiencing today. It is also the women who make themselves available for sparring and inspiration for top management who lack renewal and diversity.

Second challenge - more diversity in leadership
Once we have reached our goal, we have gathered the most prominent female top executives in Denmark, in a database that is constantly growing, organic and viral. So should there be someone who "cannot find" the diverse skills they need, they can be inspired by those who actually exist. When we have fixed this challenge, we take the next one, which is getting even more diverse skills into todays leadership, strengthening digital, industry and international skills to name a few.

Solving diversity with diversity
Xolution is not a women's movement. Above all, it is a human movement that must correct an imbalance that does not serve our society or businesses. Because we create more value if we can include more competencies and embrace differences, so that we match the market and the customers we need to live on. Men are as much a part of this solution activism, and are very much involved in making a difference - because we want to solve diversity through diversity.

How to nominate and be nominated
We see diversity as a movement that MUST include both men and women, in respect of our differences and unique strengths, if we manage to co-operate on this imbalance. When we hold events, there will be as many men present as women both on stage and among the audience - because we want to take the lead in diversity and not "preach to the choir." Xolution has, as a point of departure, pointed to a number of men, that will nominate three female top executives in their network and point to 3 other men who must also be part of this positive activism.

The three nominated women must also pay it forward by nominating three other women. We encourage everyone to share the message on social media, to ignite a movement that lives and spreads.